Join our head chef as he cooks you a special seasonal 3 course meal with a selection of wine tasters. Guests will relax and chat with Greig as he works and prepares a three course meal that uses all the best of local and seasonal ingredients. This will be an enjoyable, informal and informative morning and a great chance to discuss with one of the finest local chefs, about his menu, choice of ingredients and the challenges of being a head chef.

Guests will all finish the morning by enjoying the meal prepared for them by Greig.



Join Lewis as he guides you through a hands on experience to make the perfect cocktail. Each guest will make 3 cocktails which will be accompanied with nibbles prepared by the kitchen. Lewis will share with you all his special techniques and insights into mixing and matching the perfect flavours to blend the premier cocktail.



Join lettering artist and stationery designer Kirstie Bird for an introductory workshop in the art of Modern Calligraphy. The class includes an essential kit of calligraphy materials to use in the workshop and take away with you.


This is a workshop for beginners which will start with an introduction to good technique and some nib knowledge. Kirstie will then guide guests through some practice exercises, moving on to letterforms, and by the end of the session everyone will be able to write their name, or a favourite quote, in Modern Calligraphy. 

This experience will be held on multiple dates and starts at 3pm. The Calligraphy workshop will run for two hours with light refreshments. Once the workshop concludes guests will retire to our Cocktail Bar to enjoy a cocktail from our menu.


We are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting a number of Christmas Experiences this year throughout November and December, from Christmas Card Calligraphy to Festive Wreath-Making we have experiences perfect for crafting bespoke Christmastime trimmings, making this one a year to remember.