with lettering artist Kirstie Bird


Join lettering artist and stationery designer Kirstie Bird from Ink and Flow London for an introductory workshop in the art of Modern Calligraphy. The class includes an essential kit of calligraphy materials to use in the workshop and take away with you.


This is a workshop for beginners which will start with an introduction to good technique and some nib knowledge. Kirstie will then guide guests through some practice exercises, moving on to letterforms, and by the end of the session everyone will be able to write their name, or a favourite quote, in Modern Calligraphy. 

Timings: This event will be held on selected Saturday dates starting at 3pm. The Calligraphy workshop will run for two hours with light refreshments. Once the workshop concludes guests will retire to our Cocktail Bar to enjoy a cocktail from our menu.

Saturday 14th March - Mother's Day Cards


Please note; this workshop is open to anyone, no previous experience required. The ink used is permanent, please dress accordingly or bring an apron.